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Rock Paper Simple

Who are we? We are a passionate team dedicated to the concept of keeping it Simple and keeping the focus on results for our clients. We build awesome websites. It's really that Simple.

Where we came from

Joshua Adams (JoshWebGuy)The owner (we call him “head honcho”), Joshua Adams, has over 10 years of web experience in the web design and development industry. He started programming at the age of 11 after his father gave him a programming book. Now, he lives and breaths web design and development.

While he has a passion for the web industry, this passion is surpassed by his desire to empower others to succeed. He understands his clients and is always looking for ways to help them grow their businesses and with three years experience in the marketing industry, he can help bring a fresh perspective to his clients businesses and web marketing so they aren’t just getting a website… they are getting results and growth.

His first company, SWT Web Design, was a web design company providing custom web solutions to Brevard County. He later founded Creative Impact Solutions, a marketing agency that provided all the marketing services his clients could possibly need including web services. After three years in the marketing industry, Josh decided it was time to “simplify”and focus on the thing that he really did best, that one service where he operated at his absolute best. Web design and development. With this new “simple” mindset, Rock Paper Simple was born!


What we do and what we believe

Rock Paper Simple Logo PointerWe provide web design and web development… and to do it with excellence! We call ourselves web architects, because we do more than just slap some code together and put it in the web. We have adopted the concept of “Keeping it Simple”. Our packages, our offerings and our mission… all simple and to the point. Our websites are easy to use and get the job done while still equally looking great and functioning great. Every solution we provide brings value to our client; we don’t believe in just building websites to build websites. We think that there should be a goal behind every project and that our solution should achieve that goal. We believe in helping our clients make money.

Our team has a full arsenal of web skills and our websites are developed with the latest features. WordPress powered content management system? Check. Responsive design? Yea, we got that too. Routing contact forms? Membership functions? Social media integration? Custom CMS? Load Optimization? W3c validate code? Browser compatibility? Custom shortcodes? Fresh, modern visuals? Got it all. If you need it or even if you don’t even know you need it yet, our team can make it happen.

The client, (that’s you!) always comes first. We recognize that without our clients, we have nothing but a fancy website that says we are awesome without actually making a difference! We know that if our clients make more money, we make more money. If our clients aren’t happy, neither are we. We have a good reputation and we intend to keep it that way by providing the best service we can. Check out our testimonials section to see what people are saying about us!


The Revelation… “a website without results is a worthless website”.

Web IdeasA long long time ago… in a place, far far away, Josh began building websites. Those websites worked great and even looked great, but what he soon realized was that while he was giving his clients exactly what they were asking for, these websites didn’t achieve goals for his clients… they didn’t actually produce results. He realized that if his websites didn’t produce results or sales for his clients, he was wasting their money! Well… he couldn’t have that, so he began learning all he could about web marketing and the art of developing websites for lead capture and conversion. He put his clients results first and always remembered his revelation… “a website without results is a worthless website”.

Here at Rock Paper Simple, we build every site with our client’s goals in mind. If those goals are leads or sales, that’s what we focus on. A website should be an investment and an ROI (return on investment) should be on it’s way by the time the site is launched! Josh is an entrepreneur and businessman, so he understands that every hour spent and every dollar spent needs to have value and ROI attached to it. Each project begins with a discussion with the client so we can understand their needs and ensure the solution will produce results for them.


So it’s Simple…

  • We focus on web design and development.
  • We focus on results for our clients.
  • We focus on people… that’s you!
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